Where has all the Light gone?


Where has all the Light gone?

The ceiling hung low and there were rows upon rows of oversized people squeezed like sardines into the hall of a Bavarian pub, drinking beer and feasting on Schnitzel.

The contrast was stark: Just an hour ago the class I had taught for 11 days had come to a close. The Lightlanguage class was of the highest vibrations and levels of consciousness I had ever experienced. We were saturated with light.
The setting was bright and comfortable. We were surrounded by nature, we were woken by the song of the birds, we tasted the fruits of the garden and conversed through our hearts. We watched butterflies mate and felt the earth below our bare feet. Spring was in the air.


And now this Pub! I had been looking forward to an exquisite concert, but found myself in the abyss of darkness. Foul smells. Abusive remarks on stage. Ridicule, blame, shame, followed by callous laughter. The music was dull and I was missing the expected sparkle.

Where has all the light gone? Should I change my environment? Should I get up and leave?

The Man

Then I noticed a man I had known in years gone by. Once upon a time I had admired the light emanating from him. I would see the light from afar, in amongst dull crowds. His aura was bright, sparkly, clean and pure. I would see his light before I saw the man.

Tonight this man’s light was gone as if it had been sucked out of him. His radiance, his brilliance – all gone. All that was left was a shell of a man. A mere puppet, more like a robot. I felt intense sadness.

Usually the loss of light in a person’s energy field happens early on in life and they join the masses of workers – dimmed, dumbed, numbed, robotic – blue collared, white collared – sunk, going about their daily chores.

What happened?

To see this man’s light sucked out shocked me deeply. What happened?

I knew that this was not the same as depression. The aura of a depressed person is polluted with thick, dark clouds of black and grey thoughts and emotions. The light may be dim and dull but it is still flickering.


The man in the pub had his bright light snuffed out. Switched off. The exquisite quality of the energy field was gone. It seemed to me that the man’s essence had been sucked out of him and he had become the same as all the other people in the room: dim, dumb, numb.

He will continue to function like a human being – his heart will pump, his brain will process data, his body will function. Just like most other people. But the beauty of his soul is gone. His light is out.

When your light is out, you are a prisoner, remotely controlled by dementors telling you how to live your life.

The Process

Dementors are attracted to light. They are attracted to brilliance. They hone in on bright people. This process begins in school where brilliance is singled out for some extra years of mind-programming.

Dementors love cities – places with lots of people to feed on. When I step out onto the streets of London, Zurich, Munich, New York, St Petersburg – I have a sense of fear because I cannot feel the people. And yet, every once in a while I will see a person with a spark of light that warms my heart.

Dementors love sex. If you so far have not fallen pray to other methods, then a sex-drone will be sent out to catch you unawares, with an energy you have not mastered.

Dementors love electronics – I was sent a link to a TV talk-show about men and women. The aggressive ridicule, put down, shaming and blaming was too much for me to bear. I could not finish watching. That wee sacred space in my heart felt violated.
You sit down to quickly check your email and three hours later you are still posting photos on instagram, snap-chatting, scrolling through facebook and playing solitaire. Your brain, your neurones, your body’s electricity and connections are running according to a computer program.

Dementors infiltrate our mind. All the numbers, barcodes and words we see, read and hear focus our mind on the irrelevant. The Dementors control us mostly through our minds. As a start to feeling the difference, imagine your kitchen sorted such, that you cannot see any words or advertisement. Put everything away in drawers and cupboards. Then feel the freedom in your mind and the peace in your heart.

We believe we are the masters of our mind, in charge of our thoughts. But: ‘The best slave is the one who thinks he is free’. (Goethe)
Most people are imprisoned in their minds, locked out of their hearts by the dementors. And they don’t know it. Slaves to the invisible dementors.

If your light as an adult is still bright, you are bound to be a target.

Staying safe

There is a way to stay safe. There is a way to reclaim the light.

When all that is left is a shell, a robot, a puppet, it is as if no one were home. When talking to the person there is no soul to address. There is no one left who wants to reclaim their light.

Robots don’t have auras.

But when we rekindle the light in the wee secret, sacred place in our heart where it all began, when there is a flicker of light, a glimmer of a ray of light as at the crack of dawn, then there is hope.

Then there is a way.

IMG_20150903_025541 copy.jpg

There is work to be done!

Oona teaches courses in which you learn to regain your light, your power and integrity. To find out more about staying safe, write to contact@oonafergusson.com to be added to a special email list. 

Abuse, emotional disabilities, toxic relationships, their causes and solutions are discussed in the book ‘The Brilliance of your Feelings’ and treated as they arise in courses such as Feelings, ConsciousnessAt the Women’s Fire, Cosmic Woman, Cosmic ManLightlanguage and OI in Scotland


2 thoughts on “Where has all the Light gone?

  1. Reading these lines touched me. I work in an environment where numbers are drivers, they lead the way. Behaviour is more focused on avoiding mistakes than causing success. I am happy to still work in an economic healthy company but i know it can be different.

    I learned about the existence of my inner light and are more than thankful for it. I learned to trust ways creation offers me. Its so much worth it. If you ever find yourself in a valley of darkness, trust your inner light. Dont give up!

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