Feelings are not the Problem

Feelings are the solution


Way back when………..we were designed with an inner navigation system. It is called ‘Feelings’.

We feel comfortable, safe, peaceful and content. That is a ‘yes’.


Or we feel unsafe, uneasy, sad and distressed. That is a ‘no’.

This navigation system instinctively is striving for as many good feelings as possible to enable us to live a creative, loving and healthy life.

When we have enough good feelings, then all is well. Our life is flowing and things are running smoothly.

When our body is contaminated, confused and paralysed with bad feelings, we have a problem. My Self looses its sense of feeling good in this body and wants to escape. My Self avoids feeling the bad feelings and begins to collect external pseudo-good feelings. The Self might move outside the body and receive pseudo-good feelings through addictions. Or drama and abuse.

Or the Self might move upwards and begin to think, think, think. It will receive its pseudo-good feelings through approval from others.


Or the Self might move even further up into a spirituality of rules and absolute beliefs.yoga-657047_640.jpg

When my Self escapes this body, then I am not present anymore.

I might go numb.

Or I might slip into another world.

Or dramas might unfold. Powerful forces such as anger, fear, worry, shame and grief begin to thrive in me. Waves begin to rise and roar on the surface of the once peaceful sea.



And so we are flooded with bad feelings.

What to do? Would you like to learn to have an abundance of good feelings?

Feelings are not the Problem

So often we are forced to do things that do not feel good and contradict our inner navigation system. This destroys our navigation system and a powerful, differentiated and false navigation system establishes itself. We feel anger, fear, shame, worry and grief.

I wonder then – why were we given such powerful energies, if not to use them? Our feelings can guide us to clarity and serve us in navigating life.

Here is an example: What did you most fear in your childhood? What were you afraid off when you went to school? Or being bullied. Or being excluded, or punished, or ridiculed. This fear of something that is bigger than you, something out of your control, caused you to develop psychological defences. Nowadays it may be guns.

The fear of something that is greater than me, something I cannot control, can be too much. It can shut our Self down. Our Self then detaches and escapes from reality by going into addictions, dramas, abuse, spirituality or the eternal treadmill of thinking. We develop psychological defence mechanisms in order to receive pseudo-good feelings.

Here is the important link: NOT having the emotion, or rather, suppressing an emotion, will over time become a problem. Suppressing emotions may cause back pain, or migraines, or liver problems, or gallbladder issues. It may cause depression, anxiety and even dementia. The list goes on.

How we deal with out emotions and feelings is absolutely essential for our health, our feeling of wellness and our life.

In the emotions course we look at our psychological defences, and learn to use them masterfully, without the need of fear.

When the emotion is understood and the fear is gone, we can reconnect to the power of love and compassion – the original state of our hearts.

Would you like to learn?

Pure and clear feelings are beautiful. Pure and clear feelings are fun!

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The Goodness Within Us

Deep within we know about the power of our feelings. From without though we are told not to use our power. As a result we become confused and our powers become convoluted.

Deep within, we know that we are good, loving people. And yet, sometimes we feel or act in ways that do not feel good or loving. This too is confusing.

When the actions and feelings are understood and the confusion is gone, we can reconnect to the power of love and compassion. Love and compassion is the original state of our hearts.

In the emotions course we take a look at our psychological defence mechanisms and learn to move back into our centre. We learn to become masters of our emotions and feelings and move our life back on track. We learn to feel the love within us again.

Would you like to learn? Would you like to feel the power of that love again? Would you like to feel your goodness?

The Powers Within

We are taught that feelings show our weakness.

And I agree: confused feelings show our weakness. Jumbled up feelings can cause pain and destruction.

But there is another way of feeling. It is pure and it is immensely powerful.

What if you could feel your emotions and express them masterfully?

Would you like to join?

Lives change in just three days. Join the Emotionens course. You can find the dates for the next emotions course here.


This course is held in a healthy environment of wellness, connected to nature, with spectacular views of the alps and organic, gluten free food. People have come to this course from all over the world. Often they will come for only three days, in order to effect a quick and lasting change in their life.

All courses are held in English and we often can provide translation for non- english speakers.

Feelings are not the problem. Feelings are the solution.

Oona Fergusson

Fotos of Oona: Stephanie Forster


Oona teaches highly empowering courses on regaining your love. Check out courses on Feelings, ConsciousnessAt the Women’s Fire, Cosmic Woman, Cosmic ManLightlanguage and OI in Scotland.

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