This is a unique and highly intense training lead by Oona Soleil Fergusson, which takes place in the Highlands of Scotland. These two extreme weeks we believe, will change your life forever. We will delve into an energetic space that allows the impossible to become possible and gives us access to the beyond and to our personal powers.

The intention of this training is for you to realise your immensity and work from a higher consciousness level. You will be highly connected to yourself and the universe.

This training is an immensely powerful experience. You will break through your own limitations and reach your dreams. By overcoming blockages like fear, anxiousness of a lack of confidence you will reach beyond the potential you thought you had.

This course includes:

  • Personal empowerment 
  • Access your personal power beyond your beliefs 
  • Fire-walk
  • Glass-walk 
  • Inner Journey
  • Surprises
  • Healing modes
  • Sweatlodge
  • Higher energy states
  • Meditation
  • Exiting the matrix
  • Compassion
  • Natural authority
  • Conscious presence
  • Creating peace
  • Understanding how the seemingly impossible becomes possible 
 Scotland bay
Repeating OI:

Each OI is somewhat different. This year repeaters will have the opportunity to learn BB. We will also be focusing on higher states consciousness. There is a reduced fee for those repeating.


“When I arrived at the workshop, I was somewhat unsure and sceptical about the personal value of completing a firewalk. It turned out though to be an incredibly liberating experience. More than a year later, I still feel completely energised whenever I think of this experience, to have walked across a fire of hot coals without any injury and feel unbelievably elated afterwards.”

“Both the fire walk and the glass walk were life-changing experiences for me. I have always been a relatively confident persona and believed in myself, but that has now reached a completely new level and has stayed with me since the OI course.”

“The confidence and clear vision that the OI course gave me has made me more decisive as a business leader and in my family life too. Without any obvious changes or words spoken on my part, my colleagues now seem to have a much greater respect for me. Work has actually become fun again!”

“Twenty years of therapy in two weeks!”

“I am humbled and deeply grateful. I have received my life back”

“This has been an immense paradigm shift.”

“Whenever I am challenged now I think about what we all did and suddenly a new space opens for me and I meet the challenge without fear and with confidence. It’s wonderful.”

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