The Way of Life – OI


I see it in my heart. I feel it within.

The unfolding of women is happening – Unfolding like a blossom.

Unfolding like the rising of the sun. Unfolding like a child blossoming into adulthood. Unfolding like a child through puberty. There is no stopping it. The women are unfolding.

Our only choice is ‘how’. How would you like the era of women to unfold?

With struggles, resistance, righteousness, worries, and fears – like a flower struggling through rock?

Rock flower

Or: Gently? Easily? Gracefully? – Blossoming like the rosy petals of a peony?

Would you give birth with pain and forceps? Or would you give birth easily with the pleasurable pain of an orgasm?


For so long now the men have carried the responsibility of governing and leading our way of life. It is a burden they are hardly aware of. Oh how sweet and freeing to let go of this responsibility!

The Way of Life

Men are holding on, like parents holding onto their responsibility to take care of their children. Handing over these responsibilities from the parents to the children is the way of life. Handing over responsibilities is the way life unfolds. Sometimes it is hard, sometimes it is easy.

Children become adults as they learn to pay their own bills, file their own taxes, create their own families, find their own jobs, distancing themselves from their parents. Like children evolving to take on responsibilities for themselves, the women are struggling.

Unfolding to your responsibilities is the way of life. Sometimes it is hard, sometimes it is easy.

I have watched loving parents raise their children easily and gracefully through puberty. The parents became consultants to their children. They found joy in the strength, the enthusiasm, the beauty, the fresh wind and the teachings that children brought forth as they grew into their responsibilities.

I learnt from these parents and raised my children, becoming a consultant to them. Sometimes I would fall back into the old role of responsibility. Then the unfolding became hard. Always I found my way back into the role of the consultant, finding joy in my heart at seeing my children’s beauty and powers unfold. Yet again the unfolding became easy.

The Darkest time of the Night

The darkest time of the night is just before dawn. The male era has become dark and our consciousness has been sleeping soundly. Many people are in a coma, not realising how dark the night has become. How foul the secret workings of the night. Others of great wisdom unknown to us have been watching over the people, making sure that dawn will break and the sun will once again rise.

It is happening. The sun is rising, showing the beauty of all. A new era, the era of the women is unfolding.

sunrise copy

It just takes a few moments to awaken from sleep and begin a new day. In the same way we awaken from sleeping consciousness to a new awareness. As the sun of the new era is rising, our unfolding consciousness of the way of the women is awakening.

The Easy Way

The easy way is: Letting the women do it their way. Passing the responsibility on to them. Being there for them as a consultant. Finding joy and pleasure in their unfolding.

The shift happens in the responsibilities. The parents stay parents. The children stay their children.

In the same way, men stay men and women stay women. The natural roles of men and women are not changing. Only the responsibility of guidance and governance is changing. The way of life is changing.

Men will still be there to protect. That is their role. Instead of protecting the women as parents protect their children, the men could protect the women just as warriors protect their queen. That though could easily lead to women abusing their powers of responsibility. A better picture is a society where men protect women and children because that is their natural role.

Ardnamurchan Standing Stone

Women will still be nurturing in their ways. That is their role. Instead of nurturing men and children with a servile attitude,  nurturing others will come from a perspective of responsibility for life. Nurturing all life will become a way of life.

Responsibilities take away your freedom, and responsibilities can be freeing.
Responsibilities give you power, and responsibilities can be a burden.

And so I thank and honour the men, who for thousands of years have taken on the responsibility of leading and guiding the way of life.

Women – we must not take this lightly. We must know of the role we are to take on. Can we do it with grace? Can we do this with respect and gentleness?

We are in the midst of a birthing. The responsibilities of leading and governing the way of life are being passed to women.

The Hard Way

For most people this unfolding of the era of women is happening as a struggle. Women are disappointed, angry, resentful and full of reproach. Men are perplexed, hurt, devastated. Sometimes it is hard.

Sometimes women are fighting, aggressive, complaining, nagging, loud, vulgar. They do not understand. They have not yet remembered the way of the women.

Sometimes women are servile. In their hearts they are still wanting a man to lead them, to guide them. They sit at the feet of the Gurus, not quite ready yet to take on the responsibilities of the new way of life. They serve the male leaders cultivating the old way. Not one of the big household names in spiritual circles is female. This is changing.

The female leaders in politics and the media are living their male aspects, still stuck in the old era of men and the male qualities guiding the way of life.

This will change as women take on their responsibilities of leading, guiding, governing and truly walking the female way of life.

Let us respect and honour the men, the way they want to be honoured, trusted and respected.

Just as we always so much wanted to be respected, loved and honoured in our way. And when the time comes to hand back the responsibilities to the men, an era away from now, let the darkest time of the night, just before the dawn of the next male way of life be as light and easy as we can possibly make it.


We must forgive. The alternative is disappointment, anger, resentment, frigidity, disease and withering away to a slow death inside.

For the unfolding of the era of women to happen gently, easily and gracefully, we must forgive. Over and over. Again and again.

How? What is the easiest way to forgive? There are ceremonies that lead to forgiveness. There are exercises that lead to forgiveness. For me though the easiest and quickest way is to raise my consciousness to a level of unity-consciousness. Once you know how to do it, it is easy, it is quick and it feels so very good.

Rose Petals

Hidden within the Meaning of Body, Mind and Spirit:

The way of the women is not logical or scientific. It cannot easily be argued or discussed. Yet it is just as real. Imagine walking into a cathedral, temple, or wandering in nature and feeling reverence. That feeling of reverence is real. Imagine walking into a birthday party full of fun. That feeling of fun is real. These feelings cannot be argued or seen as non-existent. This is the way of the women.

Much of the way of the woman has been shut down, and is just now unfolding.

Men – please, be there for us when we need you. We need you as consultants. We want you to be there when we stumble in our unfolding of our way of life. And we need you to let go of your responsibilities. We still want to be held, loved and cherished. And yet you  need to hand the responsibilities over to us. It’s the way of life. Let us women carry that burden now. Easily, gently, graciously.

Women – we need to relearn how to easily, gently, graciously unfold to our responsibilities. We too could become abusive when we carry our responsibilities. We could become nasty, disrespectful, inauthentic, angry and hurtful. And so we must learn to unfold in the very best way and for the highest good of all. We must train ourselves to be the very best we can be, raising our consciousness to a vibration of higher dimensions.

No, we do not need to be logical anymore. It is the feelings that guide us. The pureness of the heart that is alive and the feelings that come from this sacred place within will govern and guide us. We guide with our heart and it is not logical. It just knows. We do not have to explain ourselves anymore. We know.

In this new era we don’t need to find reasons, explanations or justifications, but are led first by a knowingness, a gut feeling, a sense. We are not interested in proving anything to anyone. Our way is the experiential way. Feelings are nothing to argue about. Nothing to think about or justify. Feelings are there to guide us. They are our power.

Men – this may be bewildering, it may feel unsafe, and confusing. All is well. Touch the sacred feminine. See her. And let her be.

It’s the way of life.


This we must train:

  • The spirit, the peace, the tiny place within the space of the sacred, the secret of the heart, the timelessness where all is one.
  • The body, the breath, the awakening of the orgasm, the sacredness, and the wholeness of the universe within the womb.
  • The mind, the calm, the awakening of the one eye, the strength of intention and the force of focus.
  • The pulsing, weaving and flow of ease amongst these; the one heart, the one womb, and the one eye, and thus they become the one I, becoming tall and strong. The One I born from All in accordance with creation: The O and I. Or – the Zero and I to be followed by none or one. OI.


Oona teaches courses of light, consciousness, power and integrity such as Feelings, ConsciousnessAt the Women’s Fire, Cosmic Woman, Cosmic ManLightlanguage and OI in Scotland.
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