The Language of Light

Your human mind has unique abilities and possibilities.


Often though, we experience our mind as limited. We think we cannot do this, we think we cannot know that.

Good news: These limitations are not set in stone; they can be dissolved. Essentially our mind is unbound.

There is the analytical and conscious mind; the left brain.
And there is the immense subconscious mind; the right brain.

When conscious and subconscious, left and right communicate well with each other and work together as a team, our mindset and worldview begins to change:

It feels like

  • waking up from a dream
  • being freed from captivity
  • rays of dawn braking the night
  • being home

LIght Pyramid copy
Lightlanguage as passed down from the Mayans is a universal language combining our analytical mind with our subconscious mind. I have come across glimpses of this teaching in other cultures, as well as in scientific articles. The pure and comprehensive teaching though is found in the Mayan Lightlanguage.

The language of light was kept secret for a very long time and even today there is opposition to it being taught. In my experience though there are more and more people able to grasp and feel these concepts of light. These people take great joy in applying Lightlanguage in their every day life.

Lightlanguage III is only offered every few years. To take part in Lightlanguage III it will be important to have a solid understanding of Lightlanguage I and II and I highly recommend repeating these courses. Those repeating Lightlanguage receive a generous reduction in course fees. 

The language of light, sometimes also called sacred geometry of the Mayans, connects

  • shapes and colours 
  • left and right
  • analysis and intuition
  • conscious and subconscious

You are welcome to join me for Lightlanguage. Click here to view upcoming events.

By Oona FergussonOona Licht

Lightlanguage Photo: Oona Fergusson
Photo of Oona: Aniela Adams

Oona teaches highly empowering courses on regaining your love and light. Check out courses on Feelings, ConsciousnessAt the Women’s Fire, Cosmic Woman, Cosmic ManLightlanguage and OI in Scotland.

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