Central to our work is that all participants take responsibility for themselves.

Participation in all activities is completely voluntary and participants can refuse to participate in activities at any time. Drugs and alcohol are not acceptable during courses and could be dangerous.

Participants are completely responsible for physical, mental or other injuries that may arise from their participation at any events with Oona Soleil Fergusson and / or Ahva Skoi Ltd, and will not sue regardless of whether negligence can be demonstrated.

Participants are personally liable for any damage caused by them.

Activities such as sweat-lodge, fire walking, glass walking, etc. bear an inherent risk. Cases of severe injury during such activities with other organizations have been known in the past. Participating in these activities is completely voluntary and at one’s own risk.

While participating in any courses and activities there is a chance of being injured and medical treatment may be necessary. No insurance for the safety or health of participants, teachers, guest teachers, guides or assistants has been taken out for any events. Participants are responsible for their own health insurance.

At the time of registration we require a non-refundable € 50 deposit.

All teachers, participants, guest teachers, guides and assistants are held completely harmless of any liability and are released and discharged from all claims of damage, demands or actions whatsoever in any manner, arising from or emerging out of participation in any events with Oona Soleil Fergusson and / or Ahva Skoi Ltd.

By attending a course participants automatically accept our terms and conditions.