The Wheels of Time (Tie Me) are Turning


Streams of Consciousness

There exists a romantic idea about the full moon and it’s connection to the Ancient Ones walking upon this Earth. Romantic or not, the Ancient Ones had a knowing and a wisdom of the cycles upon cycles, and wheels upon wheels that influence our consciousness. They knew that there is a consciousness shift we can make when working with moon energies. They knew of a path through the latices of the wheels and they knew of the flow of these energies.

There are four cardinal directions. We think of them as North, South, East and West. On the scale of our solar system though, the four cardinal directions are the solstices and the equinoxes. Imagine them as fixed in space, just like the earthly four directions are fixed on Earth. We travel through one of these cardinal moments in space every three months. 

As the wheel in space gradually turns, its four directions every once in a while (approximately 411 years) line up with a distinctly new area of the universe. These winds of change are upon us in just a few years (in 2027) and the background frequencies in our lives will change. The more we are fine-tuned to energies, the earlier we will be aware of the nature of the change. Being aware of background frequencies is a bit like the fish being aware that they are in water. 

And then every once in a long, long while (3296 years) the wheel turns into a position of such power that it influences the flow of consciousness for eons. These positions are always centred in cosmic love. This love flows in permutations across eternity, and it is always available when we have the keys to it. 

There are moments when the wheels are aligned such that the energy flow is strong and easy. These are moments of streams of consciousness, when we can accomplish the impossible, such as moving through time e.g. with youthing, connecting to our blueprint for healing, receiving insights beyond the confines of the matrix, releasing all karma, expanding further into consciousness, and even getting off the wheel completely. 

There is particular opposition to us receiving the streams of light-consciousness on these cardinal days, and yet it is easy to bypass what tries to hold us back. All it takes is the most powerful force of our mind – focus, the most powerful force of our heart – our own love, and the most powerful force of our body – the pulse of life

Managing the Full Moon

The moon controls the tides of earthly interactions. It is known to create conception, growth and abundance as well as waning, withering and death of all things. The full moon’s energy in particular, causes rough and high tides in the waters, and high emotions all the way to crazyness. 

A full moon always rises in the East and travels across the night-sky to the West. The healers in Ethiopia fast and stay awake all night on a full moon, fixing their gaze on the moon as it travels across the sky. 

The full moons closest to the equinoxes and solstices are particularly powerful. The flow of energy enabled by the equionxes and solstices paired with the influence of the moon is a force to be reckoned with. 

On a full moon closest to the four directions be aware of the energies you allow in. Here are some aspects to consider:

  • Stay aware, and awake, and aligned with the higher energies of the cosmos
  • Keep your own energy above the frequency of the lunar emitions, so as not to be pulled into its romantic lure of a crazy matrix world.
  • Hold a laser-sharp intention of what it is you want to achieve.
  • Be in coherence within yourself and with everyone and everything around you.
  • Center your consciousness in your heart. Be in the heart. Sense the vibration of love in your heart.
  • Use quarz or meteorite to stay attuned with cosmic source energy. Connect the quarz or meteorite to your third eye.
  • Pulsate in a staccato way. You can do this with your breath (sharp in-breaths with abdomen, or out-breaths as in blowing your nose), your voice (sharp sounds), your full body (dancing, stomping, sudden sharp movements) or even just two fingers squeezing the quarz crystal. 
Vogel Quartz Crystals by Luminary Studios

Equinox and Solstice

It is time itself that ties me to the wheel of time (tie me). 

Every circle has four directions within it to stabilize the wheel and enhance the flow of energy. In every circle these are the power positions that hold the circle. In space-time these power points are the equinoxes and solstices. 

The equinoxes are the moments in time when all is in balance. The day is as long as the night. All is well. All is in divine order. When we ourselves have our lives in divine order we can reach through space to the ends of infinity. 

The solstices are the moments in time that seem to stand still, and connect us to the eternity that we are. They are as the turning points on the pendulum where it stands still just for an eternal moment, before the pendulum swings back the other way. These are the moments when we have the possibility to jump to a higher level of pendulum, a higher dimension, a higher consciousness – or even to jump off the wheel. It is the moment when you jump off the swing when the swing is at its highest.

Suggestions for the days of the four directions themselves:

  • Light a fire or a candle. Observing the flickering of the flame will attune you to being receptive to the cosmic flow. Many traditions light fires on the solstices.
  • Note the ‘something’ in the air which is different. There generally is a lulling type energy. You may feel it in your heart. Move through that to the vast space beyond. 
  • Meditation and Ceremonies such as sweat-lodges can help focus and move through the lull. 
  • Hold the intention of being the chalice, receiving the vibrations of cosmic mother love and feel that love pulsating through you. 
  • Use quarz or meteorite to give your perceptions direction. Connect the quarz or meteorite to your third eye. 
  • Jump (into the unknown, the higher level)

Release of your Karma

Thought loops, emotional loops and action loops are what ties you to the wheel, doing things over and over and over again. Thinking the same thing over and over and over again. These loops cause amnesia: Eventually these loops become subconscious, their content obscured by time.  

Just imagine being free of past subconscious loops!  

Perhaps during one of the powerpoints on the wheel you may set your focus and intent on releasing all loops, releasing all subconscious contracts, and thus all karma, so as to be free to perceive life on a higher spectrum of vibration. 

Release of the Curse

Some months ago I visited Kusayai – Seer of the Samburu Tribe in Kenya. He has not been well, and so I have not been able to see him again, but I have been in private communication with him. What I distinctly remember from my visit is his answer when asking what it takes for all to be well. He stressed that the mothers are cursed and we need to honour our mothers again.

Perhaps during one of the openings on the full moon or equinox you may see where within your energy field will it take adjustment to feel the deep respect, and deep love for the divine cosmic mother. Where can you expand into this healing? Where can she receive more space within you? Where do you sense the curse and how can you release it? 

You might ask – what about the male aspect? That is not the point. The point right now is upon releasing this curse.

This is deep work, and it takes strong focus. It is what is needed from us for all to be well. 

The Sovereign is Dead

I just woke up to the announcement that the Queen has died. Her official title is: Elizabeth the Second by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.

The Commonwealth spans the globe from Africa, Asia, Americas, Europe, and Pacific with 56 nations and 2.5 billion people. What the other “Realms and Territories” are I do not know. 

The energies of full moons, equinoxes and solstices can be felt a couple of days before and after.

The announcement of the vacation of the throne just before the full moon closest to the September equinox marks a moment in time where we can jump off the swing before the pendulum swings back with a new occupant of the sovereign. 

Now is the perfection of the moment to reclaim your sovereign rights. See yourself declaring a NO to the allegiance to the throne and a YES to your sovereignty. Notice the throne crumble. Align with the divine sovereign laws: Cause no harm and cause no loss. Feel the freedom.

Perhaps you will align with the divine YOU on the full moon this Saturday September 10, and on the equinox on September 22 / 23.

Time and Date Worldwide: Full Moon and Equinox

Two Wolves

There is a half-truth portraied by the story of the two wolves: The grandfather tells the grandson that everyone has two wolves living within them  – an evil one and a good one. They are battling with each other. The grandson asks: Who will win? The grandfather answers: The one that you feed. This is a story of imprisonment of the mind into believing there is evil in us. 

Whatever evil you sense inside of you, is not you. It is a defilement of you. It was put there, and with your great focus and full committment you can remove it. Such energy is tangible and you need to be fully aware of the location of this energy in your field to then dissolve it. 

You yourself are pure devine light and love. 

2 thoughts on “The Wheels of Time (Tie Me) are Turning

  1. Thank you Oona.   Such a needed read, teaching, remembering, in this moment.   Thank you for all the work you are doing and sharing with us~Amasa

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  2. Thank you, dear Oona, for all this information! Just to let you know: I have been following your mails and also watched three of your Human Design videos – interesting! Without knowing more than what I heard there, I would think that I am a manifestor creating out of my own (but of course, I would have to learn more about it to be sure). In my personal life everything has been changing, relationship, jobs, place, health (fortunately back to good health after a small cancer scare). And, of course, worldwide, it is definitely an interesting, fragile time… Love Henriette

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