There is a level of perfect concepts, which takes us beyond our limitations. Creation of our life takes place at this level. We expand our mind to a greater consciousness where our intentions for the highest good of all are masterfully set and circumstance is created consciously.

In this training, we learn light language as it has been handed down through a little known lineage of sages. Shapes and colours from the level of perfect concepts are combined and sent out on a specific frequency. On this level of perception we focus on pure intention. We learn to shape our lives with high integrity, clarity and insight.

This course includes:

  • Exercises for consciousness
  • Integrity – how it works
  • Light Language in shapes and colours
  • Influencing and materialising the present 
  • Setting our intentions for the future
  • Communication without words
  • Heart opening
  • Consciousness interacting with creation
  • Sacred Geometry

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