Experiencing and Loving Every Tuesday

We meditate in groups or alone on Tuesdays from 7pm to 9pm in our timezone, with or without the pyramid. Suggestions for meditations are further down this page.
The pyramids link up across Mother Earth instantly creating a grid. We remember. We have seen the power we have.

We are looking for coordinators right across New Zealand and Mother Earth. Contact Ginny Jones ginnyspiritualart@gmail.com if you are interested.

Kusayai – Seer of the Samburu Tribe – speaks of the powerful spiritual light starting in New Zealand and creating a world of peace. We’ve got this!

The Idea of Instant Coherence

Incoherence is an erratic and diffuse frequency field, which can be challenging for higher-light and dimensional consciousness. Coherence on the other hand creates a clear energy signature comparable to a laser beam, and it allows for easy contact with non-physical beings. 

It has been my experience that it takes about 3 days to reach a good level of coherence in a new group of 10 to 20 people.

The question for me was: How can we create instant coherence, and the answer that came was the Pyramid.

  • Coherence within oneself is about our mind, body and heart having the same desire. If our body wants to sleep, our heart wants to be with a loved one and our mind wants to do the taxes, then there is no coherence.
  • Coherence within a group of people is about being in an emotional space of love, sitting physically in the same circle and everyone having the same intent and focus. 
  • Coherence means ego flows away. Personalities are minimised. Feelings of competition, inadequacy, greed, jealousy, and other lower frequencies are neutralised. While working with the Pyramid of Light our consciousness is connected, becomes coherent and frequencies step up.

I have been taught that 12 (or 13 depending on who is teaching) coherent men and women can easily change the world. One man who expressed this was George van Tassel in ‘The council of seven lights’. He writes:

“The power of thought can be increased in the number of people. One person has one power. Two people have eight power. Three people have 512 power (8x8x8). This power cubes its resultant to the maximum of twelve people.. . . . . three people have the projective force of 512 power. Four people increase it to 134’217’728 power. (512x512x512)”

The Crystal Scalar Wave Technology

There is a double-pointed clear quartz crystal in the center of the pyramid at a specific height. The pyramid has an angle of 72 degrees. The angle of 72 degrees is linked to the third eye. 

There are 5 copper toroidal rings wound in a specific way, not touching each other, placed around the double-pointed crystal. There are two copper wires exiting the pyramid from each toroidal ring. 5 people can sit around the pyramid holding copper handles in a way that all people are connected, and a flow of life energy connection happens through our organic body, our hearts, our metallic copper wire, and around the inorganic crystalline quarz. As soon as everyone touches their copper handles – Instantly – there is a change of the energy in the room. Everyone is in sync.

The toroidal coils produce scalar waves, which are focused by the crystal. These waves flow in all directions of space, but also backwards, forwards, sideways and vertically through the dimensions of time.

This new-world technology has been described by time-traveler friends as ‘absolutely brilliant’. Many people are nowadays talking about communities, yet these communities are not functioning optimally. With natural energy devices such as the pyramid communities can come into coherence, compassion and benevolence.

Our Story

A trip to Mexico in 2018 presented the knowledge of the 72 degree angle. Half-way up one of the pyramids in Palenque there are cubicles with a couple of steps at the end. Above the steps the ceiling has a pyramid shape at an angle of presumably 72 degrees. (‘Serpent of Light’ by Drunvalo Melchizedek). This is where the third eye of the Mayans was activated. Stepping into the cubicle my friend and I could feel the buzz in the third eye. As soon as we stepped out, the buzz vanished. 

For some time I had been joining and leading CE5 contact groups, working with coherent consciousness to make contact with higher dimensional beings. My interest was very much in the realm of working with consciousness.

Glamping on the ridge overlooking an elephant sanctuary somewhere in Kenya in 2021 Lorenz and I had many a day of discussions on life, the universe and everything. The result of these days of discussions was the first CoheCo Pyramid built by Lorenz.

Free energy then came into the picture. Years ago I spoke with developers of free energy devices and I came to innerstand that consciousness plays a role in the quality and quantity of the energy gained. Lorenz became interested in energy devices and began to study some of the concepts developed by Wilhelm Reich and others. He began to experiment with orgone energy, and build a range of devices.

Then the Pyramid needed to be tested. We could only get groups of less than five people together but everyone could feel the buzz. For some people the energy became too much. They could not hold the energy field and the meditations. Perhaps with more consistency this might have changed.

We left Kenya in 2022 for New Zealand where the Pyramid was well received by circles of healers, and by beautiful young awakened souls. We also met people already well on the track of building similar devices.

In Kenya I met a Seer of the Samburu tribe. He speaks of peace coming from New Zealand, and that our intrinsic spiritual power is far greater than we realise. He speaks of the importance that we white people use our spiritual power to create peace.


  • As soon as all the handles are held, the energy field becomes tangibly coherent. This instant connected field is an amazing experience!
  • The energy drops instantly as soon as the circuit is broken by someone letting go of a handle. This can feel very abrupt to someone who is still in a high meditative state.
  • Pure souls full of love have the highest impact. 
  • Analytical thought patterns, goals and intentions dampen the effect.
  • Injected people block the energy to a certain extent as we discovered in a blind test.
  • At first some men and women may feel discomfort ranging from electric tingling to slight dizziness until their frequency adapts or they let go.
  • There is no need for everyone to hold the copper handles, holding the wire is just as intensive. If you have more than 5 people the others touch the wires.
  • It is possible to connect just four, three or two people.
  • It is possible to create a grid by placing the pyramid on the earth and connect each pair of handles with each other as well as sticking them into the earth.
  • Oncoming migrains have disappeared.
  • We see the effect in the environment around us, sometimes for a day, sometimes for a few weeks. The air seems clearer, the colours are brighter, and there is an up-lifting feeling in the air.
  • It is important to have a guided meditation (you can listen to ours on our YouTube channel playlist) so that everyone’s thoughts are coherent. The power becomes exponential through the coherence in thought and imagery. We usually have some moments of silence, but most of the time is spent in coherent thought as a group.
  • We have been meditating with the pyramid every Tuesday evening. The coherence and rise in consciousness is awesome. We all look forward to our Tuesdays all week long.


These are suggestions of meditations that we have found powerful, effective and fun. Of course other meditations can be used.

We work with Christ Consciousness Light (This is not religious, but a reference to a non-dual, crystalline, higher-light consciousness). We fill the pyramid and our space with love, bliss, gratitude, eternity and infinity.

These arrows of light showed up on a photo taken with a phone while the group was sending love from their hearts to the person on their right.

  • Discs:
    – Imagine discs of transpersonal love spinning through the hearts of the men and women in the circle: You are sending love from your heart through your right arm and hand to the person on your right. As the love energy begins to flow smoothly you can speed the flow up, faster, faster, to the speed of sound, then the speed of light, then the instant speed of thought.
    Intend this disc to continue spinning as you build an other field with love flowing from your heart to the person on your left, speeding the flow up again. You now have counterrotating fields of love.
    – These counterrotating fields of light are a simplified version of the Merkaba meditations, and work just as well.
  • Merkaba and Sacred Geometry:
    – Mayan Lightlanguage and the Merkaba https://studio.youtube.com/video/BLfKWakVJ2s/edit
    – Imagine three Merkaba of light around the group. One Merkaba is spinning counter-clockwise, the second one is rotating clockwise and the third is still.
    – Imagine 22’000 Merkaba with their points forming a perfect sphere around the group.
  • Love:
    – Spreading transpersonal love through all men, women, children, Elders, humans – there are plenty of unhealthy thoughts in this world. We need no more of them. Love though is a rare currency. Love is limitless and it holds us together in strength.
    – Sink into the wisdom of your heart. Move to that small space within your heart that is your personal space. Within your personal space see the portal that will take you to the tinniest wee place in the cosmos as well as the most expanded place in existence. From there go to that portal in the heart-wisdom-love centre of Earth, then the Solar System, and then through the portal in the heart-wisdom-love center of our galaxy.
    – Allow the love to rise to the higher centres of all the levels of your beingness, and let beams of love emanate from the pineal and pituitary glands throughout all humans.
  • Tesseract:
    – Link to the Tesseract concept: Tesseract explained
    – Link to Tesseract gif: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xN4DxdiFrs
    – Link to guided Tesseract meditation: https://studio.youtube.com/video/g3UPKXURtH0/edit
    – More Tesseract talk and a meditation: at 4:59:48 https://www.youtube.com/

Thinking the World into Being: Have one precise, specific thought. Name one precise and specific ‘target’, person or place. Imagine or picture that named target. Then release the thought and the target as though you would release water from your cupped hands, or as though you would release an arrow from the bow. Let your mind go blank- have a party, do small talk, smile, laugh and let go.

Past Happenings

We plan to be with the Pyramid at Huharua Park Reserve near Tauranga, New Zealand, on 18th of December, 2022 at 4pm. It is at the end of Plummers Point Road.

We will be gathering and meditating using the meditations below, and would love to see many uninjected people joining in. (This is not about discrimination, but about our choice based on our test results with the Pyramid.)

This is not in any way an organised event, but just a happening of a group of us getting together. We bring chairs or blankets so that we are physically comfortable for an extended period of time. We leave dogs and children at home so as to feel safe for deep meditations. Perhaps you will be curious and we will see you there. 

We are planning for clear skies. Check right here on this website page for any last minute information and updates.


Here is a group of us setting up the pyramid prior to the event – we had a wonderful turn-out of all beautiful souls, including two Maori Elders.

Would you like to have a Pyramid custom made for you? Contact Lorenz: lorenznussbaum@hotmail.com

Check out his website: https://energeticbeing.wordpress.com/orgone-energy/

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