Human Design – Together we Align

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Ra Uru Hu had a mystical experience in Ibiza in 1987. For 10 days and nights he heard a ‘voice’ clearly in his head giving him the knowledge called Human Design.

Human Design is the operation manual individual to each person. It speaks of the channels, gates and chakra centres in your personal crystal being. I imagine it as a circuit board, with wired connections and electricity flowing through the circuit. Some wires have consistent flow, while others have on/off switches, amplifiers and suppressers.

The accuracy of Human Design is fascinating. Its effects can be deeply healing. You understand yourself and others in a way that resonates deeply. This is about truly being yourself.

When you follow your personal human design manual, life is a breeze.

We all have been conditioned to operate according to the wishes of parents, teachers and society in general. Most of us have experienced how not to be. I compare it to operating the windows system with apple commands. Obviously the results are less than optimal.

The Human Design Manual answers such questions as:

  • How to take decisions
  • How to engage with life
  • Best circumstances for optimal digestion of food
  • Best environment to live in for operating optimally
  • Your life purpose – your life theme (where you place your time, values, attention and money)
  • Your unique perspective on life
  • Your energy type

There are also designs for groups of people – families, businesses, relationships. We can answer questions such as:

  • Who triggers whom and how?
  • Who works together well?
  • What are the gifts and ideal role of each person in relation to the intent of the group?
  • What is the ideal size and modus operandi of the group?
  • What does it take for the venture to be successful?
  • Sessions are available online