Love is limitless . . .


A Course in Consciousness – Making Contact with Other Beings: phenomenal meditations, tools and techniques based in cultures from the ancient Mayans to Taoism and the modern world are revealed. Music and mantras, Sacred Geometry and modern Technology all lead to an illuminated energy field, a feeling of safety and a freed heart. There is something there for everyone.

The course includes

  • Contact with ETs and other dimensional beings
  • 6 nights under the stars
  • Compassion and peace
  • Freedom from thought
  • The structure of the universe
  • Consciousness beyond our reality
  • The all-seeing eye
  • A journey from duality to all-one-ness
  • Contact with interdimensional beings
  • Exiting the matrix
  • Stepping beyond Weltschmerz
  • Consciousness beyond time and space

Through our force-field, induced by potent consciousness, the effect we have on the world and on ourselves becomes a formidable force.

Much of the teaching happens through the aura, which accelerates the learning process and makes it effortless.

The course is a 6-day seminar with the advantage of the natural directness, and ease, associated with in-person learning. The in-person course includes much in the way of music and night-sky meditations, as well as ceremonies not included in the webinar.

By raising and expanding our consciousness we automatically bring about a new reality in which we make contact with beings of the forrest, extraterrestrials and interdimensional beings.

The course times require us to stay up past midnight and sleep late into the morning.

Your Profile

  • High integrity
  • An awareness of your consciousness (or a wish to become aware)
  • Spiritual fearlessness
  • A curious and open mind
  • The intention to go beyond right or wrong

Love is limitless. Consciousness is limitless.

‘Beyond ideas of wrong and right there lies a field. I’ll meet you there.
When the Soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.’