“Tim in the realms of magic: Junior journalist Tim Sobinger from has always wanted to discuss Getafix, fire walking, magic potions and polar bears with a real Druid.”

Interviewed by psychic medium Karleen Love about feelings, emotions, men, women and sexual abuse.

The spirit of fire is intense, transformational and mesmerising. Fire walking is a life changing initiation for those who are ready. Fire standing is pure bliss and ultimate freedom. We walk with ancient prophecies of sacred fires – fires that are said to have been burning for thousands of years and fires that are lit once again after thousands of years. In the Jungle and in the desert, in the arctic and in our homes we warm our hands by the fires, we tell our stories and we pray. As we walk with the spirit of fire, we light the flame melting the ice in the hearts of those we touch. – Fire is our teacher.

As we traveled through the darkness and the vastness of Greenland we met with a culture thousands of years old. This is the land of the polar bear – harsh, yet immensely beautiful. We connected to the universe and found peace within.

My Scotland – timeless moments on the West Coast of Scotland where I have time to breathe and space to be.


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