The Truth is Subtle


The truth lies not in the field of right and wrong.
The truth is more subtle.

To see the truth we need to get up, turn around, wipe the sand from our hands, and walk away from this sandbox – over to the swings. The world looks different when I’m swinging high. The lower truth of the sandbox does not matter anymore. I use the word ‘sandbox’ not to put anyone down, but to paint a clear image.

It takes integrity to stand up and walk away.
It takes integrity to walk tall within.

In the past weeks and months I have been asked ‘why don’t you speak up?’ Isn’t this the time when people like you need to help others deal with the situation?
If you don’t speak up the other side will win.
Be yourself. 

I think to myself: how can I help now? It is generally speaking too late to help now. Or too early.  

I will share here though a tiny wee fraction, just about 1%, of what I see when I look at the sandbox from my perspective. Maybe, just maybe, after all – it will help someone. 


Firstly there are the people who tend to believe in those, who put food on their table, and a roof over their head. They believe in the matrix that sustains them. 

As a child, even if you are being abused by your parents, you still believe in them, as they love you in a warped way, and they can rule and direct you because of the basic, primal, instinctual needs of food, community and shelter that they provide. 

A physically, psychologically or emotionally abused child may spend years until it connects the word ‘abuse’ with its childhood experience.

Abused spouses will take years until they can break from their marriage. It takes an average of seven attempts to leave an abusive marriage. 

We also know this from the Stockholm Syndrome: Captives will fall in love with their terrorist guards because this is the relationship that provides food and a roof, and connection to other human beings. Women especially fall in love with power. 

If your food is provided by the money you earn from pharmaceutical companies, scientific institutions, IT companies, government or the military, you will believe in them. You will believe that vaccines, science, AI, laws and guns will protect and save you. 

If your community, the people that surround and sustain you, is with those pharmaceutical, scientific, IT, governmental or military institutions, you will most likely believe in that matrix. 

That is of course until you realize that the matrix you have been caught in, is abusive. It does NOT care about you enough to keep you healthy and empower you.

So do I tell the scientists, the IT people, the educators, the government clerks and soldiers that they are working for an unhealthy and out of balance, even abusive system? No. Of course not!

‘No’ for three reasons:

  • You cannot argue with someone whos beliefs are not their own. The origin of their beliefs come from parents, teachers, advertisement, media, and bosses. People are not capable of hearing anything but the voice ingrained in their head.
  • These people have faith. Faith in the system and faith that the system will save them. With this hope and faith there is not much fear. Why would I remove people’s faith and instill fear? Fear certainly does not promote health. 
  • A severe identity crises may develop with the realization that the very people and systems you trust, are possibly betraying you, are abusing you. When you realize you’ve identified with a system that is possibly evil and even psychopathic to various degrees in its nature – claiming to be there for you, but in essence callous, and there to take advantage of you, you begin to question everything. You are disillusioned. You question your own integrity. You feel betrayed. These are rough feelings and thoughts to go through. Very rough. You question who you are, you question what you’ve done.

How can you love who you are – when you’ve betrayed yourself?

It takes integrity to walk tall within. 

What I can say, is that many others, just like you, have also been betrayed. They also believed in the good of the matrix. In a way that helped to fool you. You didn’t see to the core, you did not see to the essence of what is happening. Just like we so often do not see to the core and the essence of people. We judge by our own concepts and experiences, rather than by the frequency of the essence. 

Secondly there are the people who believe in the systems that provide them with hope, and a belief-system – the spiritual, esoteric, new-age, shamanic, conspiracy, alternative industry. It is bigger than the pharmaceutical industry. The abuse in these systems is huge. I see these people fighting in fear of what might happen. Their hopes are being smashed. And it is precisely this group of people that is playing into duality, even though this is most often contrary to their wishes. With their anger, fears and worries, which they often deny, they too are playing in the same sandbox.

It takes integrity to stand up and walk away.

It takes integrity to walk tall within. 

I am using the word integrity here in the sense of being whole. And to be whole, we need to weave together our inner strengths like a braid, where one strand represents the mind, one strand represents the heart and one strand represents the body. 

The strongest force of the mind is the force of focus combined with clear intention. That is the most powerful use of our mind. The mind is not there primarily to store knowledge and obey the outside world, but to bring focus and intention to the force of the heart.

The strongest force of the heart is the tiny wee open portal to pure light of love – the portal to other planes, shining through.

The strongest force of the body is the force of creation. It is the force connected to creation from the field of unity consciousness, through the portal in the heart. 


Here is a view from my perspective:

In my world there is a singular consciousness. 

Erwin Schrödinger – the famous Quantum Physicist called it the “One Mind”. He said:

‘The Total Number of minds in the Universe is One. In Fact, Consciousness is a Singularity phasing within All Beings.’

Rumi phrased this in a more poetic way:

‘Beyond ideas of wrong and right there lies a field. I’ll meet you there. When the Soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.’

I could go on quoting quantum physicists, sacred texts and poets alike, but please find your own sources.

The singular consciousness spoken off is a place I go to often these days. There, there is no right or wrong, no good or bad, no worries or cares, no judgment, no dogmas. Every once in a while I notice I get caught in the material reality of duality consciousness, but generally I keep the portal that connects materialized reality to the singular consciousness open as much as I possibly can.

From this singular consciousness that lies beyond the tiny portal in your heart, everything is created, first in oneness. But when the portal between oneness consciousness, and the material world closes, then we create solely from the mind. Then we create duality.

From this higher perspective of singular consciousness, it is not possible to get upset or fight for – or against – anything. From this higher perspective – all is well. From this higher perspective I see a sandbox world in duality consciousness, And in duality consciousness we are creating from the mind that judges, beliefs, fears and worries.

It has been said before, and I am just repeating from those who knew, before I did – we have to go within, to know the truth. We have to go through that portal in our heart, to the singular consciousness, to know the full truth. We have to leave the outside matrix, to know the truth. 


You may have many “ifs” and “buts”. They come from a mind with no access through the portal in the heart to the singularity field.

You might argue: ‘But we DO live in this duality and MUST fight on this level’. As long as this is your belief system, then that is true for you. It is the truth in the sandbox. And we are limited by our beliefs. Limited by the edges of the sandbox.

There is a truth more subtle.
A truth that we can only see when we get up and walk away from the sandbox.
A truth we can only access when we have found
the way through the portal.

So now, I have spoken – after all.

2 thoughts on “The Truth is Subtle

  1. Just noticing someone swinging high may made you standing up in the sandbox and changing your point of view, maybe even looking further to the sky and beyond.


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