This is an advanced course, which increases our learning abilities and expands our consciousness greatly.

In this course we consciously initiate new insights and wisdom into our life. We understand things in new ways and gain expanded perspectives. Our awareness, perceptiveness and intuition very quickly reach high levels of proficiency.

Each individual chooses the wisdom and insights which they want to receive according to their goals, their potential and their circumstances. The experiences needed to achieve these goals are integrated during the year that follows the course. We believe this is one of the fastest ways of self-development.

This course includes:

  • An assessment of your personal circumstances
  • An exploration of your goals
  • Experimentation with a variety of possible experiences
  • Selecting your personal set of initiations
  • Receiving your initiations for the coming year

Quotes from previous participants:

“With every year of new initiations I feel more and more complete.”

“Initiations are the highlight of the year for me. I am becoming healthier. I behave in healthier ways.”

“The initiations support me throughout the year. It feels comfortable and safe.”

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