Oona’s Links:

YouTube Channel
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Graduates of the OI – Masterclass of Healing and Consciousness:

Jeannett Fransen
Netherlands – Healing, Coaching, Workshops, Sound, Yoga, Tai Chi

Milena A. Raspotnig
Individual sessions for Naturopathy / Homeopathy / Psychology / Counselling in Munich

Keith B. Smith
Private coaching / Long distance sessions / Clearings / BB

Students with private practice

Markus Teller
Individual healing sessions/ long distance sessions available / Clearings / Shamanic work / BB

Corinne Fabian
USA – Individual healing sessions / long distance sessions available / HeartMath / Reiki / Energy healing

General recommendations:

Aniela Adams
Photography / Portraits in Munich

Johanna Wach-Schwartz
Private sessions for Ayurveda Massages / Dream Interpretation / Ayurvedic Cooking / Munich Area

Claudia Racké
Expert on charismatic communication and CharisMarketing, Founder & Creator of Successish – The Language of Success.

Jennifer Foster
UK – Private sessions for coaching in the Energy Dynamic Model. Specialised in working with socially deprived people such as people who are unemployment or have drug-addictions.

Lorenz Nussbaum
Offering Swiss Crypto Services: Easy leg up into the Crypto world. Investments are based on a variety of factors including ARV (a form of CRV – Controlled Remote Viewing) by Oona who has been trained in advanced CRV.