The Brilliance of Your Feelings is based on a lifetime of investigation and research into how our energy system works. It is rooted in personal experience, studying and working with some of the most powerful spiritual traditions, as well as modern developments in the fields of science and psychology.

Feelings are not the problem. They are the solution.

The Brilliance of Your Feelings looks behind the veil of taboos to where your real power lies.

Feeling good is who you are. Feeling good is the natural way of life.

By applying the knowledge and the techniques, of the Brilliance of your feelings,  you will win back your birthright of feeling good. Not just for a day or two, but forevermore. Because this is – who you are.

Every day throughout our lives we are confronted by the emotions of others – anger, fear, grief or joy. These influences can control us and distract us from our own goals, both in our personal and our working lives. This intensive theoretical and practical training teaches how to identify these emotional situations and deal with them effectively. By understanding the true nature of our emotions as natural forces, they become our ally and give us strength and vitality.

This course includes:

  • Dynamics of control issues, dramas, dogmas, toxic relationships, abuse and addictions
  • A clearer understanding of our own emotional responses to everyday situations
  • How to identify the emotional influences that other people try to exert on us
  • How to respond effectively to real-life emotional situations at work and at home
  • How to focus positive emotional energy to achieve our own personal goals and potential
  • Practise in a group setting

The underlying theory of the feelings dynamic is covered on the first morning of the training. the rest of the workshop is practical in nature and enables all participants to practise taking control of a variety of emotional situations.

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