Our Invisible Powers


Our powers are invisible – our true powers that is. But let’s begin with the teaching of the Sweetgrass:

Sweetgrass grows all over the world and people have harvested and dried it for centuries. Three strands of sweetgrass then are woven into a braid. The dried sweetgrass braid has a wonderfully calming fragrance to it. Each strand of the braid represents one of our main sources of power: the mind, the body and the spirit. When I take a single piece of a strand I find the dried grass to be brittle. But when I take the whole braid, I realize it is flexible and unbreakable.


For us to be strong, we need to weave the powers of our mind, our body and our spirit into one unbreakable braid.

But what are the powers of our mind? We are encouraged to believe that the strongest powers of our mind are logical thinking and the collection of information. These are good powers to have and yet I have found that my teachers are right: the strongest power of my mind is my intention. I set my intention – leaving no room for doubt, no room for excuses – and I find the focused, laser-sharp beam of energy that will make the impossible possible.

Lets take a look at the powers of our body: We are encouraged to believe that fitness is what makes our body strong. Add in some supplements and a healthy diet – and our body is all set. These are very good powers to work with, and yet again I sense the truth in the ancient teachings: The strongest power of our body is our creative-sexual energy. This energy has the power to create such wonders as babies. It’s that same force that makes us jump out of bed in the morning, exited about a new project. It is the life force, the spark of light that we can harvest for the health benefits of our own body.

Now how about the powers of spirit – the powers of our heart? We are taught to be ‘good’. Usually that involves suppressing at least some of our emotions. We are not to be angry, afraid or sad. Why then is it that we are all born with these emotional forces inside of us? Whether it is the Kalahari Bushman, the Shaman in Mongolia, the young man on the streets of London or the girl next door – every one of us is born with these emotional forces. Could it not be, that we are meant to use them, and use them well? What if we knew how to use our emotional forces in a healthy and balanced way? Learning how to use these emotional forces in a beneficial way has been life-changing for hundreds of people. Therapists send their clients to me for breakthroughs. People travel across oceans to join courses. Lets not be fooled: The strongest powers of our spirit are our emotions.

Our true powers are invisible. Let’s cultivate them.

By Oona Fergusson

Photos: Oona Fergusson

Oona teaches highly empowering courses on our invisible powers. Check out courses on Feelings, Consciousness, At the Women’s Fire, Cosmic Woman, Cosmic ManLightlanguage and OI in Scotland.


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