By Oona Soleil Fergusson

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Available on Kindle and in print on Amazon.
Soon also available on audible and in German.

This is the book that uncovers the secret of you: Who you are in this existence, who you are beyond this existence, how your emotional system operates, why you act the way you do, why others act the way they do, how to master your Low-Drama, move to High-Drama and beyond drama to compassion. And even to pure consciousness itself.

It is the book about the things that really matter in life. It is the book about life itself.
It is about what every person –– adults and children –– needs to know to feel good and be free to follow their life-purpose.

The  best time to start uncovering the secret of you and your powers is now – for feelings, emotions and dramas happen every day of your life.

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The Brilliance of your FEELINGS contains

  • diagrams
  • tables
  • photos
  • exercises
  • examples

Imagine a world of healthy, content, competent and brilliantly compassionate individuals!

The Brilliance of your FEELINGS

  • is designed to enable every person to feel good and be healthy in body and mind.
  • reveals the secret of who you are and what your needs are for you to feel good.
  • provides step-by-step guidance for mastering daily dramas.
  • teaches the mechanics of dramas and how to disengage from them.
  • replaces dramas with compassion and an expanded consciousness of who you are.
  • acts as a wow-read, a manual and a reference book, all in one.


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