Is the Matrix Collapsing?


What if we live in a hologram? A projected space/time video? What if the world is upheld as a matrix?

To create a hologram you need light. Perhaps ‘The Light’? ‘The Source’?

The light that shines on each of us, thereby creating the hologram that is us, is our life force that keeps us alive and keeps us moving around in this hologram. In this understanding we are dependent on the light of the projector to keep the hologram of the world we exist in alive. The hologram is also called the matrix. It is the stage that Shakespeare speaks off: “All the world’s a stage”. It is the film we live in. It is the pavement chalk picture that Mary Poppins jumps into, ending up on a merry-go-round – until the rain washes away the picture. It is the Maya of the Hindi. It is the virtual reality goggles you can buy these days. How many more hints do we need to believe it?

My son treated me to a virtual experience with his virtual reality goggles. My brain totally accepted this new reality. It was bright, pristine and beautiful. Butterflies, sunshine, mountain tops, birds tweeting, no pollution, no smells and you forget about your aches and pains. When I took the goggles off I needed some minutes to reorientate myself in what just a few minutes ago had been normal.

Awareness to me means awareness at every moment of the hologram we live in. It is awareness of living in a fictitious holographic world. It is wonderment of finding myself in this hologram. Wonderment of having been dropped off in this place, as though I were in a 3D picture book.

Reports from Near-Death experiencers, remote viewers, mystics and time-travellers speak of a bright light, which they cannot pass by without letting go of their body, – the body that exists in the holographic world. The bright light might be one of the projectors needed to create the hologram. 

What if this holographic matrix is collapsing? What if this 3D holographic film is coming to an end, and the lights of the projectors are turning off? There is a bit of a shaky end as the hologram collapses. The hologram feels a bit wobbly. Things are unstable. Time is weird. Space is wonky. Everything that is within the hologram is unstable or even collapses: Buildings, systems, bodies – that is my holographic body and yours too. 

And then a new film is being projected. It is called 5D. 

To be in this new film we need to have undergone rewiring of the brain. Meditation is key. Connection to that which is greater than ourselves is key. Raising our frequency is happening. Awareness of the hologram itself is helpful.

The holographic forms collapse into a spec of nothingness in the infinite space of the greater existence, until they are once again captured in a hologram. That is, unless they have the greater connection to the overall projection to be able to jump from the 3D hologram to the 5D hologram.

We are moving from one film into the next film. From one culture into the next culture. The transition is a bit like ripples on the surface of the lake removing the first mirror image and moving to the next image.

In the video below I attempted to capture what happens in my inner vision when I move to a new time and space. I see a tunnel of ripples changing the image on my inner holographic screen, and then the vision appears. I am on a different planet, or in my grandmother’s home, or in the future. It usually happens when I meditate. Sometimes it happens spontaneously. Not always do I see the ripple effect. Sometimes it is more like seeing a hologram right in front of me, in my environment.

Focus on your third eye and your inner vision as you see the ripples. Also focus on your solar plexus as that is the place from which you move in space-time. Some might actually feel a bit queasy, just like when we were getting used to travelling on airplanes. There were vomit bags on every seat.

Moving to 5D can feel a bit wobbly sometimes. Hearing high pitched sounds and feeling these frequencies throughout your body is normal. People not seeing or hearing you is normal. Learning more and more to see what is happening as we let go of dear friends and family is both painful and helpful in the awakening we are experiencing. How exiting, astounding and mind-blowing it is to be embodied in this time space. Yes – “mind-blowing” – an expression that became very popular just a few years ago, and I always wondered what that was going to feel like when the expression begins to materialise. What a great feeling it is to wake up from the trance we were in.

A great meditation for moving to a higher dimension is the tesseract meditation, which you can find in the video below.

4 thoughts on “Is the Matrix Collapsing?

  1. Wonderful words describing the magic happening around us. Its very touching to read something where there is just a wired feeling in such beautiful words and pictures.


  2. Something totally weird happened last night. I felt such a connection when I heard the name Oona. I believe it was the first time hearing it. I was just watching Master Chef Jr. Not sure why, but it felt so familiar to me. At the same time I was experiencing a feeling of being a mother to all on the Earth. It was very overwhelming and beautiful. I looked up the name and here I am. Not sure what it’s all about, but the feeling was truly amazing.


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