I Honour the Women . . .


A wave is sweeping the world: John of God, the miracle healer from Brazil is in prison. Hundreds of women have taken a stand, charging him with sexual abuse under the guise of healing.

Shamans, Gurus, Healers und spiritual leaders with the same or similar emotionally and sexually abusive behaviours are the norm. Their list is long. Too long.

The ancient ones say that the Almighty is so great that I can tell Him anything; I can reveal to Him everything that my heart holds.

Byzantine Ceremony Ukraine

And so today, I honour the women whose paths led them into the great shaman’s sphere of influence.

Some have died. Some have built a new life for themselves. Some have stayed in a codependent relationship with him. 

I remember the many women. . .

. . .who are silent.
. . .who feel ashamed and blemished.
. . .who out of the blue felt his tongue in their mouth.
. . .who experienced an immense sexual energy surging through their body.
. . .who fell into a codependent relationship with him.
. . .who lay at his feet.
. . .who palpably perceived his energy in their bedroom.
. . .who were smitten by his enacted emotional dramas.
. . .who fell into a depression.
. . .who felt him rubbing against them in his many hugs.

I remember the hundreds of women who divorced their husbands.

I remember the women. . .
. . . whom he offered to secretly go on holiday with.

I remember the woman . . .
. . .who developed dementia from not wanting to know the truth.

I remember the woman . . .
. . . who after months of tantalising emails died within three months of developing a brain tumour, so as to avoid thinking the unfathomable.

I remember the woman . . .
. . . the single mother, who died of cancer a few months after he deceptively pronounced to her young children that he would divorce his wife and marry their mother.

I remember the woman . . .
. . .who through an unexpected french kiss behind the sweatlodge, remembered a similar codependency and left the scene forever.

I remember the woman. . .
. . .who came for a private session to heal her cancer and ended up in her underwear.

I remember the woman. . .
. . .who was startled and left the room when she noticed him connecting to her sexuality.

I remember the woman. . .
. . .who committed suicide.

I remember all the women who were groped and fumbled with in the privacy of healing sessions and in the darkness of sweatlodges.

I remember ALL women, for every woman can identify with sexual abuse.

Rose Petals.jpeg

Abusive spiritual laws

One of the main teachings of the great shaman is:

“Do not speak bad behind the backs of other people.”

Few women know about the other women and their fate. Every woman is isolated and she thinks to herself: I am the chosen one. I am special.

Laws made by humans judge what is good or bad, right or wrong. “Do not speak bad behind the backs of other people” is a manmade law. It judges. It tells you what to do and what not to do. It tells you what is good and what is bad.

This law serves to keep the shaman’s power system alive.

The same is true for other spiritual laws: “Love heals everything”. And so we believe in love and are surprised to notice the abuse of love. How can that be? Love creates and materialises. Love can create wonderful things. It can also create imbalance and unhealthy things.

People with an emotional disability have the ability to create havoc and toxicity. These people are not bad people, but their emotional system has broken down and is disabled. Their feelings are at best shallow and they cannot feel your pain. They compensate their lack of feelings with well-developed psychic abilities. People with emotional disabilities are masters at analysing you within minutes, perceiving your strengths and weaknesses almost instantaneously. And they are masters at pretending emotions.

Another manmade spiritual law is: “Your heart always tells the truth”. But the heart can pretend love. The great shaman is a master at producing love energy, deceiving your heart and disappointing your yearning for love.


In a well-functioning society it is the task of the women to talk about events and share information.
It is the task of the Elders and Sages to gently, but firmly and clearly reprimand and admonish individuals for the wellbeing of society.

Universal laws are true whether you believe in them or not. They are true for all people. A universal law is: As above, so below. As within, so without. This law does not tell you what is right or wrong, good or bad. It just tells you: this is the way the world functions. This is the way it is.

The list of Shamans, Healers, Gurus and spiritual leaders with a toxic emotional disability is long. Too long.

Oona teaches courses in which women and men regain their power and integrity, understand the mechanisms of toxic and abusive relationships and learn to develop healthy connections.
Abuse, emotional disabilities, toxic relationships, their causes and solutions are discussed in the book ‘The Brilliance of your Feelings’ and treated as they arise in courses such as Feelings, ConsciousnessAt the Women’s Fire, Cosmic Woman, Cosmic ManLightlanguage and OI in Scotland

6 thoughts on “I Honour the Women . . .

  1. Dear Oona, can you subscribe totally that the healer John of God is what you describe in the above? Do you have any personal experience with him? Do you feel the righteousness in accusation of the above mentoined person is totally honest and correct and relying on true facts? Only when you are personally involved one can make a statement. With the utmost respect for you honest answer. Sincerely Pat franck


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