Oona’s passion has always been to explore the mystery of our existence. She is a global nomad, having lived in many countries throughout her life.

Oona teaches how to use our mind, heart and body to overcome any obstacles. As well as having a pragmatic approach to teaching and learning, Oona has studied and worked with many of the powerful spiritual traditions from around the world, including Aztec, African, Mayan, Eskimo, North-American, Eastern and Celtic cultures. She was taken into a lineage of Mexican Curanderos and spent seven years as the personal assistant to an Angakoq – a Shaman of the Far North. Oona has a degree in mathematics, physics and chemistry. She is also a fully certificated rapid transformational hypnotherapist and an executive firewalking instructor. Her teaching makes use of such handed-down knowledge as it applies to our lives today.

Her home is on the West Coast of Scotland.