Remembering how to thrive in mutual alignment

We meet the other gender in our families, at work, and in social settings. Our fore-mothers and fore-fathers knew how to navigate the differences. They knew what hurts, and what works. They knew how to be, and what to say. They knew their power, and the effect they had on the other gender.

Much of this knowledge, power, and wisdom was lost in the era of femininism. We found out that we can do almost everything that the other gender can do. We were told that we are all the same. Something though is not quite right. We feel it. We see the evidence of it in frustrated, bitter and confused relationships.

In this course we remember how to thrive together. We remember the power of love and respect that lies in knowing the emotional differences of the genders.

We draw on many of the ancient traditions, as well as modern studies to relearn the art of navigating our differences. We also know somewhere deep within the essence of our being, that a higher union in awakened consciousness is accessible to us.

You will receive new perspectives and tools on how to speak, act and be. You will be empowered to thrive and walk your highest calling in safety, and in honour. You will learn to walk tall as you are meant to be on Mother Earth.