I’m Sorry


To those now waking up from the dream state:

I am sorry! I am really sorry! I am sorry I could not save you from mind control. I am sorry I could not prevent you from falling into that trap and become comatose. Some of you have become something I don’t recognise anymore. I truly am so deeply sorry. It hurts.

I am not the only mother weeping for her children. There are so many of us, tears flowing, hearts aching, seeing you being taken by the unnameable. As a mother you feel it in your DNA. You feel it in your cells.

All my family, my children, brothers, nieces, nephews, my father, many of my closest friends – all of them trapped. They are still pointing their fingers at me through the bars of their cages. But the news is coming out now. Sometimes I hope they are not able to understand the news now, just like they didn’t understand a couple of years ago. If they knew, if they truly grasped the full horror, it would be heart-wrenching.

Yes, there were times, when I felt frustrated, angry, hopeless, despairing, devastated, sad.

I would wait for the moment when I could say: “See, I told you so”. Or perhaps just: “How come I knew and you didn’t?”. But now I just hate to see you wake up to the fact that you just ignorantly and innocently were trapped in a genocide. My goodness what a painful, helpless, horrific realisation that must be.

Perhaps ignorance is bliss. I don’t want to be right anymore. I don’t want to be the one to tell you the excruciating facts. You’ve been trapped like a dolphin in a net; like a fox in a snare; like a bird in a cage.

There are some that say: “I had to do it” – and became an obedient slave on the way to the slaughter house, obeying what you thought you ‘had to’.

The Ancient Ones said: “Many will die, many more will barely have a life. Few will have a living.” Many a times I heard these words, not knowing that it will play out now. Not knowing that people will be instigating this.

Please know: There is help. There is hope. But first you have to go through the trauma of waking up from the Maya. And then you have to ask for help. There are not that many of us who can help. And you will need to ask – for our words have fallen on deaf ears now for so long.

My heart is crying. I’m sorry I could not save you. I wish you well, my dear ones. I love you.

This is the short clip I thought I was waiting for: the mass wake-up beginning to happen. And now I am not so sure I want to witness this awakening of the masses.

Tripple-jabbed UK moderator Mark Dolan wakes up to the ‘conspiracy theorist’ hoax:

If you are a victim waking up now, then perhaps start here:

All my conspiracy-detective colleagues and I have spent tens of thousands of hours not only on detecting conspiracies, but also on how to help when the time comes:

  • There is a spiritual side to the shot. (I know – another conspiracy theory – after all spirits don’t exist, right? Dead wrong!) Hint: The people with the shot who are attuned to higher frequency are faring better than the ones who are of lower frequency.
  • There is the spiritual side to take care off, and then there is the physical side to be dealt with. We conspiracy-detectives are on it. We have results.

I’m sorry! Sorry I could not save you.

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