The Heart can be Soft, when the Mind does not interfere.


The Heart can be soft, when the Mind does not interfere

I was lost somewhere in the outback of Kenya, and so I stopped the car and sat on the edge of a cliff looking down into a valley.

There was a river down there and I could hear happy children’s voices. Colourful clothes were hung on bushes to dry. towards evening men herded their cows and goats toward a river bend. 

There were a few little groups of huts connected by footpaths with eachother. 

Women’s voices came from the coconut grove.

I sat there wondering: What is the meaning of life? What are we doing here? How can it be, that some people strive for more, and others live life the way it is? 

What is it that makes us want ‘more’, or something ‘different’? 

Our mind is here to keep us alive on this planet. The words of our mind can create fear – fear of not being safe in one way or another. 

The words of our mind can create shields to ward of that, which we are afraid of, that which is not safe. And so our heart goes hard. 

I have now seen it too often – people’s hearts becoming hard as their minds are filled with words of fear. 

I remember building shields as a young child. I don’t need them anymore. 

And as I take down my shields, my heart becomes soft.

Again I look out onto the valley before me. And I notice how a soft heart has no need to strive for more, or something different. It can be happy with just being happy. 

And so I found my way home, back to where I came from. 

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