The Cup and the Shaft of Light


A Sacred Moment in Time.

We are in the high desert of California amongst the Starseed Trees, June 2019.

Starseed Tree

The other day we walked into a bicycle shop and got talking to the owner. He told us about a nine inch cup into which a light-shaft falls on midday on Solstice and one week either side of Solstice. Well – we happen to be here just a few days after solstice and so we made our way in the heat of the summer at midday to find the cup and shaft of light.

Finding the way

We found the cup in the shadows. There are prehistoric rock carvings and paintings on the walls around the cup. But no shaft of light. Are we too late?

The cup

Here is a close up of the cup. You can see other indentations.

A close up of the cup

I place my crystals (Moldavite, Solar quartz, Lemurian crystal, Titanium quartz) in the indentations and we sit and meditate.

I place my crystals in the indentations

Then a thin shaft of light appears. We are not too late after all. To our surprise we are the only people present throughout the experience.

Thin shaft of light

The shaft swells.

The shaft swells

The golden light of the shaft spills into the cup. 

The light of the shaft spills into the cup

The cup is filled with light, opened, aglow and visible in its full beauty.

The cup is filled with light

As we sit there blissfully partaking in this ancient ceremony we are surrounded by the beautiful beings etched into the rocks.

Close up of rock art 1

Close up of rock art 3

Close up of rock art 2

Out in the evening at our usual site this is what we saw.

Cloud 2

Love pouring into the cup of our hearts giving strength to continue onward on this earthly journey.