Your Spiritual Responsibility

A Teaching from the Far North

Some people believe, that us white people have lost our connection and purpose in life. And yet I have found a deeper knowledge about the white people all over the world. Here is how this knowledge is brought to us from the Far North:

Eons ago something happened, we don’t quite know what, and the people were dispersed to the four corners of the world. Each colour was given a spiritual responsibility to cary until the time has come for reunification. 

They say that in the East, where the sun rises, she is always yellow, and so we have the yellow people. And their spiritual responsibility is to take care of our Mother Earth. But they have not done good, for they were the first to rape Mother Earth, mining for minerals and precious stones.

And then, when the sun stands highest, she is always white. And so we have the white people. Their spiritual responsibility is to unite everyone when the time comes. And the white people have built trains and planes and boats. They have sat in Ashrams and Temples and at sacred fires and in sweat-lodges. They have eaten the food from all over the world. But they have not done good. Instead of uniting the humans, they have colonised and mistreated the humans. 

And in the west where the sun sets she is always red, and so we have the red people. And their spiritual responsibility is to bring peace to the people, but they have not done good either. They bicker amongst themselves about who’s ceremony is better than the other. 

Then at night when the sun has gone down, it is dark, and so we have the black people. And their spiritual responsibility is to ensure safety at night. And I have lived in Kenya, I know that there were always night watchmen, askari. But the black people have not done well either, for all over the world we lock our doors at night. Imagine a world where we don’t lock our doors!