The Great Awakening


Disagreeing on Reality

It is said that the world is the way it is, because we have all agreed on this reality. A chair is a chair, and a rainbow is a rainbow, because we all agree to it. 

Now we are disagreeing. One person’s vaccine for health is another human’s deadly poison . One person’s truth is someone else’s lie. One person’s saviours are another human’s criminals. One person’s food is another human’s garbage. 

At least two timelines can be accessed easily, now that all the timelines are coming closer together, and sometimes even merging. We are moving toward the ‘End of Time’, the ‘Zero Point‘, or the ‘Singularity’. 

Blips in Reality

You may have noticed the Mandela effect, or you may have had your own experiences of blips in reality.

My blips in reality came in a slow process over a number of years. I have had experiences in invisibility. I’ve had remembrences of coming into physical form. 

Now for me the bridge between the two worlds barely holds up anymore. I see the other world drifting away in the distance, as I become comfortable in a world that is filled with the most beautiful arrays of colours and beings of love, a pure world of Christ Consciousness, and a world that feels utterly safe, not because I am protected, or held, or cared for, but because dangers of any kind are non-existant. 

My Way is not the Only Way

My way is not the only way, and it is not for everyone. Yet I would like to share a key part of my way: I recently spent four weeks in an empty lodge in the Masai Mara, and there began with studying and experimenting with the pranic diet. I did a 5 day “dry fast’ and then a two week “juice fast”. Now I can say that about 70 – 80% of my nourishment comes from prana, and 20% comes from physical food. 

Our intentions and our attitude that we take with us as we go into an experience will guide the experience. As long as I know I will not get burnt fire-walking across hot coals, all will be well. The moment my mind wanders, I get burnt. It is similar with prana: As long as I know that prana is all around me, sustains and feeds me, all is well. The moment I feel energy-drains, which can be merely in the form of being surrounded with other people’s thoughts, emotional dramas, or physical pollution, I feel hungry. If I am surrounded by beauty and filled with bliss, then prana feeds me. Being on a pranic diet frees me from all hungers, – hunger for dramas, hunger for needing to know more, hunger for food, or hunger for any addiction (Technology, drugs, alcohol, relationships, . . . )

As I cleared my physical vehicle, I identified more and more with the awareness of consciousness itself, the luminous non-physical light, the essence of self. I could see through the veil, and awakening became a subtle, yet definite experience.


Christ-Consciousness includes moving from judgement of good and bad, to differentiation of what I choose and what I do not choose. It includes not identifying with our emotional experiences, but using them as awareness of, and navigation through, the momentary reality. This is comparable to using our thoughts as awareness of our momentary reality, or using our physical sensations as awareness of our momentary reality. 

Perhaps you have read the book: “Mutant Message Down-Under”, where an original tribe of Australia advances together as a group, away from 3D Earth Reality? This is what I sense is happening now. We are disagreeing on our realities and some of us are awakening to a previously unseen, different reality. 

Meditation is key. Moving to the experience of higher dimensions for me has included the Tesseract meditation, as well as overriding unwanted brain signals with high consciousness signals.

Geometry of Time

Here is a simplified geometric description and model of the Singularity, or Zero Point, or End of Times (and Beginning of the New Times)

If you have studied Mayan Lightlanguage, you know about the Torus and its properties of moving things, and people to another dimension, while keeping other things and beings in the old dimension within the torus, or wheel of life. You also know about the gentle energy of the cone, with its property of birthing or gently bringing in energy. 

We know that time may seem linear when only looking at a brief section, but that it is three-dimensional, and follows the fibonacci streams of the golden spiral. 

Perhaps you are aware of time feeling like it is speeding up. If we see the energy coming down into the cone in a spiral, it is speeding up as the turns become tighter. Zero Point is the tiny wee spot at the end of the vortex and in the center of the torus, where the upper cone of time in the now-dimension, and the lower cone in the other dimension meet. This is where those who get off the wheel of life will go through the portal into that other dimension – in this model that is the upside-down cone.

How to? – The Ancient Ones Speak!

The Ancient Ones say: Stay in your heart and all will be well.

There is a tiny wee spot in our heart. It is a physical spot that heart surgeons know off. If they touch it with their knife the person is instantly dead, and nothing can be done. It is the singularity through which you became physical. The first defined cells that form in an embryo are heart cells. This tiny wee spot is how we ‘became’. 

There are meditations that can take us there. If you have studied ce5 with me you will know how to get there. It is the tinniest place, and at the same time the greatest space, containing all that is.

When that Zero Point in time comes, we need to stay in that tiny, wee spot in our heart, to pass through to the other dimension. 

The Ancient Ones say: The world has lost its ceremony. 

Ceremony helps us be in that tiny wee spot in the heart. It keeps us in a state of bliss, devotion, awe, and love. Not love or devotion to another person, but devotion and love to something far greater than us. 

The Ancient Ones say: The darkest time of the night is just before the break of dawn. As the first rays of the sun begin to light up our faces we can see the awesome beauty in each one of us. 


Soon. There are many predictions and speculations out there, and time is tricky. From my own meditations, visions of the 3-dimensional spiral of time, and observations of the world, it will be within my life-time, and not too far off from now. Now is a very good time to prepare and be aware.

What will it Feel like?

It feels a bit bumpy. I am sure we can all feel that already. Being in full faith, completely without fear, making healthy choices in full independent discernment, will support a smooth slide into the new.

It might also feel as though everything is upside-down, and back-to-front, and inside-out. You might already have such experiences of backwards thoughts – the conclusion, the point, or solution is there, and only afterward do you know how you got there. Or you might have a feeling and only afterward the cause of the feeling happens. 

May this brief compilation of my experiences bring you peace within, as you remember (back-to-front and inside-out) how to move through this Great Awakening.

Please share your thoughts and your experiences! 


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