Your Pure Goodness


Every man and woman (and I say this with intent) – every true man and woman is essentialy pure goodness. 
We take a ride on this earth in a vehicle (our electromagnetic energy field). It may be a tractor, a sportscar, a lorry, an SUV, or a camper van. When we don’t drive the vehicle apropriately: when we take the tractor on the highway or ride the sportscar on a potatoe field, we get frustrated, disappointed, bitter or angry. We break down. This can cause physical, mental, emotional or spiritual dis-ease. The pure goodness of the man or woman taking the ride seems to become contaminated. But it is not contaminated. It is only the mechanics of the vehicle that is breaking down. 

We need to differentiate between the mechanics and the pure goodness that we are:

The mechanics of the vehicle include pressures to action and to inspiration, physical survival, emotional waves, generative energy, pulses of willpower, awareness of emotions, awareness of thought and of body, expression, individual and trans-individual love and direction – so much more than we ever realized. 
Yes, our thoughts come through a mechanism. Our emotions are part of a mechanism. 

To shine as the pure goodness that we are – the one taking the ride in the vehicle – our mechanics need to run optimally. That is what Human Design teaches us – how to run optimally and how to treat other vehicles optimally for us to shine the godlyness of our essence. 
It teaches us to take the appropriate decision when we come to the fork in the road with one road leading to the potatoe field and the other road leading to the highway. We take the correct decision for us as an individual and our ride is smooth – emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. 

Your pure goodness shines. Your divinity radiates.

If you want to learn how to drive your individual vehicle you are welcome to join us for free zooms and free acess to past talks here.