Living in Love?

Here we are together on earth as humankind, wanting to live in love.
But what is love?  How do I live in love?

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Living in love is showing up, sharing and connecting through…

……words. We share who we are. We open up. We show up. We speak with the people we love. We tell them about ourselves. We share our feelings and thoughts. We listen to them intensely. We open up to understanding them.

……touch. A gentle touch on the arm, a supportive hand in the small of the back, a warm hug, a caressing stroke, a playful pat in passing can all mean the world of love.

……a smile and a wink. A twinkle in the eye and a smile rising from the heart can connect us with friends and strangers alike. It may seem a small gesture, yet it is known for its huge effects all the way to changing a suicidal person’s mind and saving their life.

……presence and attention. Showing up. Being fully present and giving your undivided attention to people is immensely loving. We can engage by playing board games, dancing, cooking, taking a walk together. The key is to be present, physically, emotionally and mentally.

……honouring. We may honour a person by publicly telling them how important they are in our life and the life of others. We may honour a person with a special gift, a special role, a special seat, a special position, a special outing.

……acknowledgement and recognition. We may acknowledge a person’s presence by greeting them. We may acknowledge and recognise their achievements, their beauty, their qualities. The witness changes the reality of the subject. The observer influences the person. We show love by witnessing, recognising and acknowledging other people in their best and highest beingness.

……music. Live music that is. A great musician connects through their music with the audience. A great lover will connect to his loved ones through his music.

……service. When you make her a cup of tea or prepare a meal, or take out the trash or iron his shirts, you are connecting and loving the other person. Put the most wonderful feelings of love into this service. Be aware of the service, the connection and the love.



Divide and conquer‘ is the motto of rulers and psychopaths. We have been exposed to an unprecedented amount of attempts to disconnect us from each other and lessen the love.  Our connections and our love, up to source, down to mother earth and around us to humanity have been disrupted and suppressed.

All sorts of toxins from vaccinations to fluoride in our water have had a harmful effect on our pineal gland and thus the disconnect to Source has increased drastically.

Our connection with and love to humankind is being destroyed in a multitude of ways.  Hate campaigns, public outcries and other distractions such as electronics, multilevel stress such as long working hours and financial worries, they all draw our energy and attention away from living on love.


Disconnection from mother earth has been encouraged through city life. When is the last time you walked not on asphalt, but on the earth with your bare feet?  When did you last smell the scent of the woods after a spell of rain? Touched the grass lovingly with your hands? Watched a bee fly from flower to flower? Is your home separated from earth through a cellar or several stories? Can you feel the earth when you are lying down? Feeling the earth could be a daily experience.


Living in love will seed love in others and awaken them to the connections in life.

Too shy to Love?

Sometimes we are too shy to connect with other people. Too shy to greet someone or smile. And sometimes we just need a bit of space to withdraw to.

We have to remember though, that ignoring someone is the opposite of love.


But when we walk up to someone and greet them, it is love we are expressing, A nod, a smile, a ‘hello’ connects and shows acknowledgement of the person. It gives them a good feeling. When both feel safe, then a touch and even a hug can deepen the connection.

There are traditions where one of the greatest gifts of love, recognition and honouring might be a song sung or a tune played for the other.

Emotional abuse happens through ignoring someone purposely, in order to hurt them.

Don’t ignore anyone. Show them that you know they are there. That is all it takes to show you care. That is all it takes to show up, connect and love.

How do I live in love?

I show up. I share. I connect. 

By Oona Fergusson

Photos: Oona Fergusson


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