Sexual powers are powers of creation. They are energies connecting us to the cosmos. All creation, and especially the creation of life itself, shoots forth from this cosmic power. In this course we awaken your cosmic powers of productivity and aliveness.

Wisdom and knowledge from a time when men still knew how to make a woman radiant is part of the course. Goal-oriented exercises from ancient traditions that lead to the mastery of male powers are practiced. Old blockages, and hindering beliefs are eradicated.

This course is for men, who want to feel and use their sexuality as cosmic power in all its beauty, integrity and strength. The course runs for four months during which we meet for eight sessions on a phone conference to have questions answered, be introduced to new exercises, exchange experiences and receive support.

The significant work happens at home and a daily practice of about one hour is essential to your success. This time is a gift to yourself and your woman. You will learn to explore the fountain of youth and you will learn how to navigate past fear, frustration and grief to your deepest desire – love. You will learn to protect and cherish this love such that you will be trusted and honoured.

This course is for men who are ready and able to dedicate daily practice to this work. Be ready for strong emotions and deep experiences during this course. Whether you are in a relationship or between relationships, this investment in yourself will allow you to grow and expand, so that you fully occupy your potential.


  • Cultivation of life source energy
  • Male powers and potency
  • What the woman needs
  • A radiant, fulfilled, and fully satisfied woman
  • Activation of neural pathways
  • Awakening of sexual organs
  • Techniques for male sexuality
  • Healing of shame and deep subconscious traumas
  • Healing of relationships
  • Expansion of consciousness
  • Ability to create peace
  • Stamina, endurance, empowerment and confidence
  • Changes that will serve you a life-time
  • Revival of the fountain of youth, joy and vitality