Birthing the Earth ~ into a Space of Love


She is crowning.

Earth colour Aniela Adams copy1And nature is doing what nature does: My body feels like it is giving birth as the forces of the cosmos are striking me like lightening.

As women, our bodies flow with the tides and move with the moon. And we surrender. As fathers and mothers we create a spacetime of love into which the baby can be born.

I am breathing, waiting for that moment of stillness. That moment between the in- and the out-breath. That moment when Earth stops before she begins to spin an other way. The zero-point in spacetime, when the field has collapsed and all is possible.

Birthing is a shift, a transformation, an initiation. Neither the mother, nor the father, nor the baby will ever be quite who they were. We enter into a new awareness, a new consciousness, a new dimension of light.

The Ancient Ones say: Stay in your heart and all will be well.

My grandmother taught me how to create a space of love: she showed me the beauty of spider webs in the garden. We would stop in the woods to observe an ant hill. We would spend time looking at her flowers, speculating which buds would open tomorrow. We would sing songs to the mountains and the trees.

The space of love that my grandmother created was palpable. She would get me out of bed at night to show me how beautiful the Moon was tonight. And then we would wave to the beings on other stars, wondering if they would wave back to us.

The Moon and stars, the trees, the flowers, ants and spiders seemed to glow in recognition of our love.

Right now we are birthing the Earth as she moves from one dimension into another. Nothing will quite be the same as before. She will be moving through that veil in the fabric of the cosmos, and we will move along with her, leaving behind the old world and moving into a spacetime of love.

Sometimes when I go out at night under the stars to meditate with friends we notice how some of us seem to begin to dissolve. We can’t quite see the head, or the torso. And when the person is in a deep state of oneness-consciousness even the whole figure can become invisible. This is the field of oneness that Rumi speaks of when he says:

‘Beyond ideas of wrong and right there lies a field. I’ll meet you there. When the Soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about’.

This field that knows no right and wrong, good and bad is a blissful field of love and peace. There is no drama, no frustrations, no anger, fear or grief. From this new field of consciousness we can see the heavier 3D reality. We can see everyone else. But the people in 3D do not see the ones who have evolved.

Beings from higher dimensions can see us, but we cannot see them. As we move through this birthing process, we will see the ones who are in lower dimensions, denser than us. We will hear them and feel them. But they don’t see us, feel us, hear us.

Does this happen to you? People don’t hear you when you speak? People walk into you because they cannot feel you? People don’t see you and act as though you were thin air?

Perhaps it is, that you are on a higher dimension. People literally cannot hear you or see you.

I used to create drama to become denser, so that people would hear me and see me. Now I just smile and go further into deep one-mind consciousness.

I feel as though lightening were striking my body.
I look at the Earth crowning, and I see her coming into being.
And I see how immensely beautiful she is.

photo: Aniela Adams

9 thoughts on “Birthing the Earth ~ into a Space of Love

  1. Thank you Oona, lovely words of wisdom. Yes, it has happened to me. Sometimes I get really frustrated because people do not hear me speak, do not recognise me in the street. I used to get really upset about it until I learned that you cannot help what other people see and think about you. 💜

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    1. Yes, feeling ignored feels abusive. I’ve found though that most people just truly are not able to see our vibrations. It is not that they are thinking anything. They just don’t pick up the higher signals.


  2. Dear Oona,

    That was beautiful written and for me familiar truth.
    It resonates deeply inside of me….

    Much love beautiful Oona ❤️


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